Our Story

The GO-2 Socket wasn't invented in some super clean, high-tech lab by some underpaid, overworked employee of a soul-less corporation.  No sir. 

Instead, the inventor, my Dad, was basically in our garage holding a diet Coke in one hand and fumbling around in his cluttery tool box with his free hand, looking for the one socket size he needed.  Earlier, Mom had kind of yelled at him for not completing his "honey do" list, but I guess finishing those chores wasn't in the cards for Dad, because at that moment, an idea flashed in his head.  

"I wish I had just one socket that would fit a whole bunch of sizes, so I wouldn't have to hunt for the right size all the time."

His eyes immediately looked off into the distance as his mind started problem solving... figuring out different ways of making a "one size fits all" type of socket.  He had done tons of engineering in his day job and when he was in the Navy, and as a kid, he invented most of his own toys, some of which were pretty dangerous... all that to say, his mind was built to invent.   

In the months to come, he invented his first multi-socket, but well... it had too many small intricate parts... it wouldn't stand up to a beating... and plus all those parts meant the tool would be too expensive for most people to buy. Back to the drawing board.

Years later, after trying a bunch of different ideas (and successfully getting Mom to give up trying to keep a neat and orderly house), he invented a socket that only had 3 pieces to it, which meant it was tough as nails and so simple, we could sell to normal folks at a fair price.  The GO-2 Socket was born...

And shortly thereafter, a pleasant discovery happened, "Hey, this thing grips like crazy... let's try it on damaged bolts.  It works!"

Today, Dad's still inventing things... and we're still here, humbled every time we hear a customer tell us how Dad's random invention came through for them in their time of need.

But let's not stop there.  Tell us your story...