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Rounded Bolt Headache?

Fight back.  This socket's unique design wedges damaged bolt heads into a corner of intense, vise-like pressure from three sides.  But hey, don't take our word for it, check out what real customers had to say...

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Looking For The Right Size?

Adjust to the size you need in seconds.  Socket size range: 10mm to 20mm and 3/8" to 3/4".  Bonus: Also Fits Multiple Shapes... and it works great on normal bolts too.

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Contact us if there's any issue.  customercare@trustymax.com

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I purchased the GO-2 socket along with 2 other similar tools that advertised to get stripped bolts out. One of the tools I purchased didn't work at all.  The second one I tried didn't really work as advertised and then I figured I would try the GO-2 socket. I was impressed with the steadiness of the tool and the amount of torque it withstood... got out all 5 bolts in less time it took for the other tools to fail. 

Anthony M.

My oil drain plug was stripped. I tried multiple tools to break it loose. After receiving the GO-2 socket had it off and replaced in 10 minutes. Outstanding product & worth every penny!

Mark O.

I live in the Northeast where they love to spread corrosion enhancing product on our roads which increases our issues with rusted bolts on our vehicles, the last thing I used it on was body mounting bolts that where so rusted there where barely a head, I thought I would have to cut the body to just get to the bolt but low and behold after looking on the web for advice your tool came up and I bought 2 and after a few tries with your tool I was able to remove all the bolts I needed to install running boards on my 2003 GMC, my wife can now get in and out easier and we both thank you for your invention it is awesome! 

Matthew T.

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