Here's What The Pros Do

Two tips to upgrade your bolt removing power:

Pro Tip 1:  Use A Wrench & Hammer With Your GO-2

Many damaged bolt heads have uneven wear, which makes it especially important to get the GO-2 Socket onto the bolt in the optimal way.

Here’s how you can help achieve that situation…
  • First, take the GO-2 Socket, without a ratchet, place it onto the bolt head and hand-tighten until you can’t hand-tighten the hex head anymore
  • Then try wiggling the socket, turning it left and right to see if you can find a position that allows you to tighten the hex head even more. (Do this by hand until you think you've found a decent spot where the socket gets ‘stuck’ pretty well.)
  • Now, take a hammer and tap the socket deeper onto the bolt head (tap about 3 to 5 times). This will cause the GO-2 Socket to ‘sink in’ to a better position than it was before.
  • Next, try to hand tighten again (If you were able to hand-tighten the hex head after hammering, repeat steps 3 and 4 until you can’t hand-tighten anymore after hammering. Once you can’t hand-tighten, move on to step 6.)
  • Then, use a 14mm wrench and use it to tighten the socket's hex head (At this step, aim for 4 or 5 quarter turns of the socket's hex head which should achieve an adequate 'bite' onto the damaged bolt.  If you over-tighten the socket beyond this, it may affect the socket threading.)
  • Finally, insert your ratchet wrench into the socket and try to turn that bolt head. (The bolt should be on its way OUT)

    Pro Tip 2:  Also Use A Penetrating Oil To Help Free The Bolt

    • Below are two different types you can use (neither of which are affiliated with us at all)
      • Blaster PB Penetrating Catalyst (also known as PB Blaster)
      • Liquid Wrench Penetrating Oil


    Extreme Case Study:  Not Recommended For Most Users

    One of our customers shared the below experience with us.  We share it with you, but also caution readers that there are definite risks involved in the creative approach he used.

    Kris writes:

    I just wanted to write and say the GO2 Socket is awesome! I snapped the head off a 5/8 inch bolt in my hitch, but was able to remove the rusted shaft as I had access to the back threaded side of the bolt. I wasn't able to move the bolt at first because the socket could only flatten the threads. I took a file and made flat spots and the socket started immediately with some pb blaster!



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